The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7

the-vampire-diaries-season-6For a brief moment I thought Elena and Damon would find each other again. She got some of her memories back, but then Damon did what he only does with Elena, be selfless. I’ve always loved those moments in the past, but this time, I just wanted him to keep trying. He crossed time to be with her and it’s such a romantic story. I like the Damon and Elena story better than the Stefan and Elena story. Ironically he lets her go to be happy and her knew boy is now determined to find out what she’s hiding.

It doesn’t look like Stefan has any feelings for Caroline. Or he’s as blind about his feelings as he was about Caroline’s. It wasn’t the way I would have liked Stefan to find out, but Enzo was right to tell him. Lexi once said something to Stefan about Caroline, so why is he so surprised? Lexi was right about almost everything. Unless he’s been so upset about Damon, he never had a chance to process it.

So neither of the couples I want together are finding their way, but Alaric is getting himself in a more healthy relationship. He was never right for Jenna because he couldn’t be honest with her. Now he’s found a woman he can be honest with, but Jo’s past it pretty dark.

Could she be they key to getting Bonnie back? I get why Damon lied to people, he thought Bonnie was dead and sacrificed herself for him. As I said before, she would have been quite happy with the lie of she found peace. But now things have changed, Damon knows she’s alive and she’s never going to let Kai get back, even if that means she’s trapped too. They have two practicing witches and the family member that Kai tried to kill. There’s now a way to save Bonnie, not sure what, but I know there is a way.

While I’m disappointed with the way Damon and Elena and Stefan and Caroline are going, knowing Bonnie is alive and there’s a way to save her, brings me hope. Not just for Bonnie, but for the couples too.

The preview for next week looks really interesting. ‘TVD’ has never had a holiday specific episode before, but next week they will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Stefan isn’t invited. Check out the preview:


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