Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nWith the recent news of Patrick Dempsey’s departure from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ soon, could this be the episode leading to his leaving?

Derek’s always been strong headed, but he’s always tried to do the best for the people he cares about. Though his relationship with Emilia has never been great.

Derek gave up a dream job for his family, but he resents himself for the decision. He tried to out his sister just to get his old job back. When he was trying to bond Meredith and Maggie, he was doing something good, but ruining his sister’s career is not good. Even if he did fix it in the end.

Meredith was finally feeling better about her marriage, but the other shoe dropped.

I was upset with Cristina’s departure, but I think Derek has run his course. I loved the love story of Derek and Meredith, but I’m no longer routing for them. I’m routing for her finally taking control of her career. That doesn’t mean she has to cure Alzheimer’s right this second. Saving a woman that was thought dead on arrival is pretty good. I will be sad when Derek leaves, but I think it’s okay.

I knew Arizona would say yes to Dr. Herman, well I knew the writers would make her say yes. It makes for good drama. I didn’t expect the events that would happen to make her decision though. It was a brutal day.

I love that Arizona is moving in with Alex. I know Jo won’t be to happy, but it seems right for Arizona. She needs a safe place to call home and what’s safer than the house that’s been home to most of the characters on the show.

You have to love Bailey for tough love. She made Jo believe that she may have actually done something wrong. I think Jo will try not to second guess herself now. Nice to see Jo on screen without Alex for a bit, but I would like a better storyline for her. I like her character and would like to see more from her.

The Winter Finale is next week. April has left her baby in God’s hands, but it looks like her baby may need a little more than God. Check out the preview:


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