Nashville Season 3 Episode 7

Nashville-Poster1I can’t believe Rayna just told the whole story of her and Deacon. I know she wants to protect their kids, but Deacon doesn’t deserve this or he should at least get a say. It is for protecting his kid after all.

I’m not sure I like the person Rayna is becoming with Luke. I know it’s a whole new world and she wants her label to do well, but opening up about the love of her life is a bit much, even to protect her children.

Just when it seemed to be getting better for Layla, the stupid reality show had to go and mess with her image. She’s not the smartest of girls, but she’s not as dumb as the show revealed. She’s just a girl that got married way too young. And also married a gay man. But this wrong turn has helped her music. She really has something to say now.

Juliette also looked inside for inspiration and it sounds great. She’s always been good when she sings about what matters. But things may be looking up for her. Avery and her may not be getting back together, but he seems more dedicated about the baby now.

There’s definitely no chance of Kiley and Gunnar getting back together, especially after she just left her son to chase after some guy she’s only been with a few months. Zoe’s already not liking taking care of Micah, how will she react now?

There was finally a point to the Scarlett and homeless man storyline. He was the only one to get her back up on stage and it was so nice to hear her sing on stage again.

Next week we’ll find out who will take home a CMA. I’m routing for Rayna! Check out the preview:


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