Chicago PD, SVU, Chicago Fire Crossover Event

Chicago-PDIf only watched the ‘Chicago P.D.’ episode, you really missed out on a very emotional and intricate case.

It started with pictures found in a fire that the Chicago Fire Department found on a call and it turned into a case that crossed two states. The case was bringing down a child sex trafficking ring.

Erin got emotionally involved when she found a picture of her brother when he was about 15. She hasn’t spoken to him for ten years.

I’ve never watched ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Units’ before so I don’t know how typical the episode was. There was a lot of investigative work and it was very interesting watching the case unravel.

law-and-order-svu-season-14-photos-promotional-mariska-hargitay-danny-pino-kelli-giddish-ice-t-svu-chicago-fire-chicago-pd-crossover-comThings heated up when the story crossed over into ‘Chicago P.D’. The show is known for it’s suspense and action and there was a lot of it. One by one they went through the suspects. They thought they were getting a break and then the suspects were either getting killed, killing themselves or dying when trying to get away.

The case was feeling absolutely hopeless till Erin brought her half brother back in. He didn’t believe he could help, but with his ID of the ring leader they were able to save a little boy.

It was a very dramatic scene with the terror in Teddy’s eyes as he looked at the picture of the man who terrified him. But the man peaked my interest as a suspect earlier. He told the cops that Matilda was dating a Gary Miller, but when Ruzek looked into the guy, Matilda had no contact with him. Anyone else think that was suspicious? I thought the guy was made up to remove suspicion, but no one ever looked at Mr. Van Camp again. Why? That was a major red flag to me and my first thought was to go back to him.

It was quite a three episode crossover event. The story didn’t start till the very end of ‘Chicago Fire’. It was more of a two episode cross over event really.

Other than those two minor details it was a great crossover event. Though I would have called it a ‘SVU’-‘Chicago P.D.’ crossover event.

Check out the episode for next week. The guy Antonio is supposed to be protecting gets killed while he’s on the job. He has to solve the murder or lose everything:


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