Supernatural the 200th Episode

tumblr_nbc391yajb1rlkruqo1_r1_500So maybe a very meta episode would not have been the way I would have gone for the 200th episode, but with probably one of the worst looking monsters yet, a lot of flashbacks, singing and a reunion of characters it turned out to be a good episode.

That scarecrow was horrible though. I realize that’s just what the god was taking form as to get her victims, but it was still horrible. It was so low budget and the whole thing was just pretty out there.

I think the moment that saved the episode from being truly horrible was when the cast sang ‘Carry on Wayward Son’. Bobby was there and it just made the hole tone of ‘Supernatural’.

Then Chuck made an appearance. Why didn’t he say hi to the boys though, I’m sure Sam and Dean would have been happy to see him. It was a nice cast reunion whether girls in a character or the real person.

While I do have major issues with the monster this week, it was a pretty funny episode. It’s always funny when they run into fans of the ‘Supernatural’ book. The fans are crazy on this show, but in real life the fans are passionate about the show too. Why else would we have have stuck through 200 episodes. Especially with the Leviathan’s not being the greatest of villains.

This episode was a thank you to the fans. It was a great 200 episodes and here’s to many more!

Next week things get a little bit more back to normal with a ‘Clue’ inspired episode. Check out the preview:


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