Jessica Stroup Fights for her Life in ‘Homecoming’

516p33QkrnL._SY300_‘The Following’ doesn’t return till next year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the cast in one of their other projects.

In 2009 Jessica Stroup starred alongside Mischa Barton and Matt Long in ‘Homecoming’ and it’s a very disturbing film.

Mike (Matt) is heading home from college with his new girlfriend, Elizabeth (Jessica) to retire his old high school jersey. He left behind his high school sweet heart, Shelby (Mischa), who still thinks the two are together, even though they broke up.

Shelby is not too happy to find out about Elizabeth, but plays it cool in front of her and they even get a drink together.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to meet Mike’s parents in her drunken state and decides to check into the motel, only it’s all booked because of the homecoming game and she’s left stranded.

When she tries to walk to the next hotel, Shelby is driving home in tears and drunk herself. Shelby runs over Elizabeth. This is where the movie gets started. Shelby takes Elizabeth back to her’s and hooks her up to the IV that she had for her mother. When Elizabeth wakes up, Shelby tells her that she found her at the side of the road and she’s lucky she did because she was left for dead. She then lies and says she called Mike to let him know. She keeps Elizabeth prisoner while she tries to win back her ex-boyfriend.

At some parts of the movie it seems silly with the psycho girlfriend and why won’t Mike just figure it out. There are some twists in the film that keep the plot going and the suspense somewhat high. But how high the suspense is depends on how much you like Jessica’s character Elizabeth.

In ‘The Following’ Jessica plays a tough cop and in ‘Homecoming’ she plays a tough girl fighting for her life. She doesn’t have any of the skills Max Hardy has, so she just has to struggle like any normal girl would. She’s got a spirit that keeps her fighting till the end.

Mischa proves how crazy she can be. Shelby seems all normal and acting like she saved Elizabeth’s life, but she won’t let her leave and won’t let her call Mike. She tries everything to get Mike back and goes to extreme lengths to do it. The longer the film goes on, the crazier she becomes.

So as you wait for Max Hardy’s return, check out ‘Homecoming’ and root for Elizabeth to make it out alive.


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