The Originals Season 2 Episode 6

The Originals - Season 2 - Promotional PosterEster has been called the Original witch, but clearly she’s not. And clearly she’s not as powerful as we believed. Or she is as powerful and her sister is just scarier and will probably be surfacing soon. Hope and every single one of them will be in danger. But how will she kill all of the originals? But then she seems to be more powerful than imagined.

I really enjoyed the way the writers sprinkled the flashbacks through out the episode. It was interesting to see the backstory of Ester, but I never expected the deal she made. I know her sister said it would require sacrifice, but I never imagined that each first born would be killed.

I’m looking froward to meeting Dahlia, she sounds like a very scary villain. Though when we were first introduced to Klaus he seemed scary too. The unknown is much scarier. So maybe her staying in the shadows right now isn’t a bad thing. But when will she return? When she does return that means Ester will know little Hope is still alive.

Ester is very manipulative. She sacrificed a wolf just to get Klaus and his real father to meet face to face.

I’ve always liked Cami’s character, but now that she’s not stuck in the middle of Klaus and Marcel her character has room to go. She’s decided to take on her family’s legacy and join the fight. She’s very good at it. She’s very smart and not easily manipulated. She didn’t know that Vince was Finn at first, but she caught on. Most humans wouldn’t be that smart.

When ‘The Vampire Diaries’ does end, ‘The Originals’ is ready to take it’s place. The storyline keeps getting more and more intriguing and season two has barely begun.

Davina and Kol are still determined to take down Klaus. Check out the preview for next week:

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