Gotham Season 1 Episode 8

gotham‘Gotham’ went back to be a sort of cop show this week, but not in the lack luster way it did in the beginning. This time with extreme determination from Gordon to make his city better and without the support of his colleagues.

Maybe he’s being a little too harsh on the other detectives and cops. Gordon is the only one who has honor and guts in the department. I think if Harvey didn’t have a little of that in him from years gone by, he would have abandoned Gordon too.

Gordon has a very long way to go for making Gotham a better city, and at this point we don’t know if he ever will. I guess if the Batman story ever ends, we’ll know if all of his sacrifice and hard work was worth it.

What I’m liking about this show is watching the characters grow into the characters we know them to be. My favorite is Oswald. He’s becoming more and more like his future self every day. He’s not the man on top yet, but he’s certainly working his way up and getting more diabolical on the way. After we found out he was working for Falcone he became even more interesting. Fish didn’t give him any credit. She wasted his potential. He’s a legendary villain and his way to the top is proving to be just as legendary.

Gordon is my second favorite. He has the same heart and honor that he has when he’s older, but he’s just a little bit more wild. He doesn’t really know how to make the city better. I think it’s just something he learns as he goes along. He becomes a lot smarter as he gets older, but with all these crazy cases it’s not surprising. I love his determination and spirit, but he can’t get rid of corruption by himself. Though he is going to try.

The future Riddler is also a very interesting character. He’s so smart and strange. Maybe if he was respected more at the GCPD, he may have not turned evil. Though I see that glint of evil even now.

Little Bruce is starting to grow into the Batman. At first he was just doing research and now he’s learning how to fight and enjoying it. Every Batman film I’ve ever seen, I’ve always had the sense that he enjoyed being the Bat, not just trying to make Gotham better.

Check out the preview for next week. We get introduced to a young Harvey Dent:


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