Revenge Season 4 Episode 7

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyThe reunion we’ve been waiting for didn’t exactly go how we expected it to. But how exactly were we expecting it to go. At this point I wasn’t sure when she was going to tell David who she really was. She had decided to wait, then it turns out that he’s not the man he once was and could have something to do with Conrad’s murder. Then he came directly to her and she could have told him and she didn’t.

I liked how the writers finally did reunite them. When we were least expecting and when Emily lost it.

Finally David recognized his own daughter, but this does lead to more questions. If he was watching Amanda (the fake one), then why didn’t he reveal himself at least to her? Why has he stayed hidden for all these years? And why didn’t Emily know? She’s a resourceful young woman and I think she would have noticed someone following Amanda. Unless she was so wrapped up in her mission.

Does Emily think her father killed Conrad? Is that why she planted the murder weapon on the guy that Charlotte accidentally killed? It’s putting Jack in a very bad position though. How can he do his job properly when he knows it’s planted evidence?

Louise is crazier than we thought. She was talking to her mother in her head and then putting Victoria’s head on her mother’s body on her tablet. Why does she want to be apart of this family so badly? The family has more problems than most. What is wrong with her. She needs some serious help. I think Daniel is right to keep Louise close, keep your enemies close and all. But he shouldn’t have slept with her. It just added fuel to the fire.

Victoria can’t handle that she betrayed David and now she’s using lie after lie to cover it up. Now that Emily has revealed herself, how will Victoria explain this one. She has lied herself into a corner. If she really wants a life with David, the truth would have been the way, but I don’t think she knows what truth is anymore.

Did Emily have anything to do with Victoria’s accident or was it just lucky?

Now that the truth is out, Emily’s anger is coming out. Check out the preview for next week:


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