Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 8

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSThings are about to get very complicated. Henry is still working for the NSA and can’t tell his wife and Elizabeth is about to truly start her investigation into George and Marsh. Do you think her theory is right? I think she’s been really good at reading people so far. She must be right.

This was an intense episode. She held a man’s life in her hands and used her CIA savvy to get him back. She’s usually such the diplomat, but this time she was in on the military action and it was very exciting.

It’s no surprise that Henry wants to continue to work with the NSA. He’s wife is the secretary of state and while she talks about how she misses being a professor, she knows she leads a much more important life now. There may be a lot of negatives about her new position, but she likes it. Henry does enjoy teaching and writing, but no one can fault him for wanting him more, especially when your wife is a powerful woman.

I think the writers are right to make him want more. It wouldn’t make sense for the man to sit by while his wife has all the power. And who says they can’t be a great power couple. Though this will probably have affects on their relationship. On top of all that, if he’s found out, her job could be in jeopardy. Things are getting very exciting.

Elizabeth is determined to find out what happened to her predecessor and she’ll be stepping on some toes:


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