In Honor of the 200th Episode, Supernatural Seasons Ranked

In honor of the 200th episode of Supernatural I have ranked all of the seasons, except season ten, because we are just getting started. It’s been a great show and a great 200 episodes! Reminisce over the seasons before we watch the very special ‘Supernatural’ episode on Tuesday.

9. Season 7
Most of ‘Supernatural’ has been really good, but season seven just kind of lost is spark. The Leviathan’s were not the best of villains. We also lost Bobby this season and thought we lost Cass for a little. I guess the only good thing was gaining Kevin, though back then he wasn’t as tough, and working with Corwley is always a treat.

8. Season 8
This was a pretty good season, but Sam left Dean to rot in Purgatory, which is so unlike these brothers. He found someone he loved and found peace. It was just so out of character. Then Dean made friends with a vampire, which I liked. I really liked Benny. They saved each other. But it was a very uncharacteristic season for the brothers. Cass kept with his character, always wanting to do what’s best for his people. Metatron played on this and locked the angels out of heaven.

7. Season 9
I really liked this season. It showed once again the lengths that these two brothers will go to save each other. It wasn’t a great option, in fact it was a horrible one, but it was the only one. Dean let Gadreel possess Sam to heal him, not knowing who he really was. Metatron once again recruited someone who was vulnerable and this lead to Gadreel killing Kevin. This season was also the one where Dean went to great lenghts to stop Metatron and Abaddon. He took on the Mark of Cain and got in way over his head. It was a big shock when Dean woke up as a demon in the end. The season also had a lot of Crowley.

6. Season 1
Season one was a great introduction to the boys and the family. It also was a great weekly horror show with a different monster each week.

5. Season 6
Dean went to Lisa and Ben after Sam took Lucifer into the cage. What Dean didn’t know was that Sam was a live. Cass had brought him back, unfortunately he left his soul behind. This season was good because things were interesting when Sam didn’t have his soul and partnered with his long lost family, cousins and grandfather.

4. Season 5
For all of their good intentions, the boys do screw up from time to time and Sam screwed up royally and it put a wedge between the brothers. There were some amazing episodes this season: ‘Good God, Y’All’, ‘Changing Channels’, ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ and ‘Abandon All Hope’. Sam proved himself stronger than Lucifer in the conclusion of the season.

3. Season 2
This season things really started going and it started the never ending road of the boys cheating death again and again and again. The boys also defeated Yellow Eyes and Dean sold his soul to save Sam. Another thing the boys would do a lot. It was also the season we got introduced to Ellen and Jo.

2. Season 3
Dean only had one year to live and it made for a very good season. We also got introduced to Ruby and Bella. This season had some great episodes: ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ ‘Bad Day at Black Rock’, ‘Fresh Blood,’ A Very Supernatural Christmas’ and ‘Just in Bello’.

1. Season 4
This season has my favorite ‘Supernatural’ episode: ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester’. This season also gave Jenson Ackles a lot to work with. Dean had just got rescued from hell and he had a lot of issues to deal with. We also got introduced to our beloved Cass. Sam went down a really dark path that was very enjoyable to watch. The whole time he thought he was doing the right thing. Adding angels to the mix was a great call by the writers. It took ‘Supernatural’ to anther level.


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