The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6

the-vampire-diaries-season-6Was it ever going to be that easy? Alaric was just going to giver her all of her memories back and Elena and Damon were going to live happily ever after. No, it’s never been easy for these two. First she fell in love with Damon, when she was still in love with Stefan and still looking for Stefan. Then there was the sire bond, then she turned off her emotions. It’s been hard since the beginning. Damon fell in love with his brother’s girl. It was never going to be easy.

Will seeing Damon bring back any flicker of feelings for Elena? Or will this be the end of these two?

I have mix feelings about this storyline. For one, I love Damon and Elena together and believe that they belong together. For two, this has been an epic romance and all great loves struggle. So in one way it’s great if their love can over come one more thing.

I think Damon should tell everyone what happened to Bonnie. It’s not his fault. They were working together to get back. Bonnie has always been the type to sacrifice herself. At the same time I think Bonnie would like Damon’s lie. She would be happy to know that her friends thought she was at peace. It just broke my heart watching Jeremy fall apart. Apparently no amount of girls and booze can cover up his pain anymore. Damon is even missing Bonnie.

Is Stefan completely oblivious to Caroline’s feelings? He’s been so wrapped up in trying to forget Damon that he doesn’t seem to notice that Caroline has fallen for him.

As horrible as it is for Elena not being able to get her memories back, it’s nice that Alaric is human again. He was never a very good vampire. He never wanted to be a vampire. He gets his life back and it’s really nice to have Alaric back. I’ve missed him.

Check out the preview for next week. Elena doesn’t remember her feelings and shows up to the ball with someone else:


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