Bones Season 10 Episode 6

Bones-poster-season-10-FOX-2014As heartbreaking as this case was, it was a big win. Slaves have been saved and Arastoo will do work to help solve more human rights cases. That is pretty good progress.

I know when Aubrey was talking about press, he was talking about his own career, but the press on this case would be good for awareness. It’s horrible to think that the woman had to commit murder to protect her child and felt like she didn’t have a choice. She should never have to be in that position.

Finding the trafficking victims pulled at your heartstrings, but then you find out that the woman that was killed only came to the U.S. to find her true love that protected her from her own father. This was definitely a tear jerker of an episode.

It was also a very interesting case. Between the bone evidence, what they found on her and all of the people they questioned along the way. It was fascinating. This is the formula that makes good detective shows. They followed the evidence and it unraveled so beautifully. It made everyone grateful for what they have and is made Arastoo reach for something higher. He picked Brennan to be his mentor because she’s the best and he wants to be one of the best. He may have been devastated when she disapproved his first dissertation, but he bounced back quickly.

Check out the preview for next week. They find the remains under the unlikely of places:


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