Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 6

Chicago-PDThese detectives go to extreme lengths to get their man. This time three of them went undercover in a prison, two as inmates and one as a guard.

I thought Antonio had the safest part as a guard, but when all the inmates looked at him like fresh meat, it was clear, he was in just as dangerous a situation.

Hollywood loves to paint a picture that there isn’t good communication between different police units. This time an ATF officer had their suspect cooperating with him and about to go into witness protection. He claimed the suspect was off limits, but what about the little girl that was murdered? Doesn’t she deserve justice. Atwater believed she did and this is where the Intelligence unit stepped in.

Did they even think of checking who the inmates were in the prison before they went in? Cops bust convicts all the time. They managed to get the job done before Atwater was completely found out, but not in enough time to not have to fight for his life.

Ruzek was great undercover. For a moment they thought all was lost and then he started a fight with Atwater so they could get their chance back. Olinsky was right to put Ruzek into Intelligence. And Atwater did a pretty good job using his street knowledge.

Roman and Burgess are working on weird little cases from week to week, but it is good character development for Roman. When Burgess and Atwater were partners, they seemed to have more interesting cases though.

Is Erin really going to take the job? She’s can’t leave the Chicago P.D.

Next week there will be a big crossover event with ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘SVU’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ joining forces. Check out the preview:


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