‘Gotham’ is Getting Down to Business

gothamIf you’ve stuck around this far you have been greatly rewarded. It was a slow start for the prequel to Batman, but things are extremely exciting and interesting now.

The first episode of ‘Gotham’ was a treat to fans with how many villains were introduced, but there was nothing new given. Then things were just so slow. It was just a cop show and not a very good one at that. Things started to pick up at episode four, with a more Gotham feel of the show and Oswald reappeared. Now we are really getting into the rise of the characters. Oswald is working his way up fast and Gordon is firmly making a mark. There’s a long way to go before these men are who we know them to be though.

Robin Lord Taylor and Ben McKenzie are the main reasons that I’ve stuck through a very slow beginning. Robin is amazing as the penguin. He’s such a little mischievous genius. The producers did a great job on casting him. Ben is also great as Gordon. He’s very green, but also has is very determined to make Gotham a better place. As he said Gotham is his home. If he doesn’t succeed, he will die giving it his all. These characters kept me interested when the story was lacking.

But I have been rewarded for sticking with the show and I’m looking forward to watching where the story is going.

This episode was very suspenseful because Gordon’s secret was out, Oswald is alive and now Fish wants him both of them dead. We knew Gordon wouldn’t go down with out a fight. He didn’t have to do it alone, he had some help along the way. Oswald even had a lot up his sleeve to survive.

The surprises happen in the later stage of the episode, but you might have seen some of them coming, but it doesn’t hurt the surprise.

The battle is just getting started. Check out the preview for next week:


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