Revenge Season 4 Episode 6

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyWhat has David been up to these last ten years? He wasn’t Conrad’s prisoner like he claims he was, but why the lie? He did escape from prison, still not sure how that really worked though. He was supposed to have died.

What did that guy want with David? He’s been following him around and could have told the whole world that David was lying, instead he wanted to get to him. There’s more questions to David’s reappearance than answers. Victoria is very happy to have David back and is trusting his story, especially after he humiliated Nolan on live TV. If only Emily would reveal herself, then David would know that Nolan gave Amanda the money and didn’t betray him or Amanda.

Well Jack wanted to be able to do something about the lies the Graysons told, but instead of being in a position to stop them, he’s investigating David. Or did he only get involved to help David? What Nolan and Jack don’t realize and Emily is starting to figure out, is that David is not the man he once was and a lot has happened over the years. What exactly happened is still unclear, but Emily will get to the bottom of it.

I’m not sure what Louise’s end game is. It seems she wanted to get close to Victoria, but Victoria wants nothing to do with her. She also seems infatuated with Daniel, but he’s with Margaux. She’s really creepy and the last thing Daniel needs at the moment. Victoria and Conrad deserved everything that’s happened to them, but Daniel and Charlotte have not deserved to be collateral damage.

What is Daniel going to think after he hears that Emily is Amanda. Everything she’s done will probably make more sense, but will he out his mother’s secret?

Check out the preview for next week. David goes to Emily, but will she tell him?


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