Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 7

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSThe preview for this episode really mislead viewers. It looked like the episode was going to be about Elizabeth’s missing daughter. Instead it was the crisis after the quake, the relief aid and the press. Elizabeth could care less about her image, but Daisy kept on top of her job and made sure Elizabeth wasn’t smeared in the eyes of the press.

Matt had a wake up call. He was going into work punching a clock till Elizabeth told him his heart wasn’t in it. He put his heart in his work and got her looking good for the press and able to get the aid India needed. When he tried to do the same for his love life, he was too late. Daisy is marrying the man she doesn’t truly love.

I felt like Elizabeth kind of took a back seat in this episode. Matt was trying to put his heart into his life, Stevie was thinking her father was cheating on her mother and Henry was working for the NSA. Elizabeth was still a big part of the episode trying to do crisis management, but I felt we got to know the other characters a little bit better.

I like a lot of the smaller characters, but I saw a side of Matt that I liked this week. He’s a smart guy that’s letting his life pass him by, but why? Why was his work more passionate with Marsh? Why was he joking around with Daisy instead of getting serious? He’s starting to be an interesting character.

Check out the preview for next week. A mission goes wrong and a man is missing. Elizabeth has to figure out how to bring him home:


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