The Vampire Dairies Season 6 Episode 5

the-vampire-diaries-season-6Does this mean Bonnie is gone for good? She always puts everyone else ahead of herself and this time for a guy she hates. She wasn’t going to make it, but her last breath was making sure he got home to Elena, well maybe her last breath. The characters don’t always stay dead.

It was very nice seeing Damon and Stefan reunite. Stefan’s been so lost since he lost his brother and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Damon right in front of him, but how will Elena react when she sees Damon. She doesn’t remember her feelings and she’s starting to fall for another guy.

Enzo is a good friend. Stefan gets him kidnapped by the new vampire hunter and Enzo doesn’t say a word, but Ivy is a new vampire and probably won’t have much of a problem telling Tripp about all the vampires she has met. This could mean serious trouble for Stefan, Caroline and Elena. There really hans’t been a true evil yet in season six, maybe this one is it.

How is it that Alaric compelled the doctor and it didn’t work? Is she on vervain? Does she know about vampires? Other than a love interest for Alaric I didn’t think she had much of a storyline, now she’s mysterious.

Tyler barely scraped by becoming a werewolf again. The guy was dying slowly and Liv killed him so Tyler wouldn’t have to turn. She hardly hesitated. It just seemed to come to her that if she killed the guy, that would save Tyler. But now she’s feeling her decision.

Check out the episode for next week. Elena doesn’t seem to be too happy Damon is back and it looks like he gets himself in to some trouble:


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