Nashville Season 3 Episode 6

Nashville-Poster1There was no surprise that Rayna and Luke were nominated for numerous awards and that it was because of the new found star couple profile. Unfortunately, these days it’s not just about the music. I don’t think Rayna realized that when she started playing the game that it would mean success because of the publicity. But she wants Highway 65 to do well, this may be the way to do it.

When Rayna first started playing the game, I didn’t like it. I felt that it wasn’t true to her character, but now that the consequences of that are showing, she’s fighting for her creativity to win, not her public persona. So I like where the writers are taking it.

It was a very interesting family reunion when Maddie got busted by the cops. She had both of her dads, her mom and her step-dad to be. That’s a lot of parents. When Rayna said to Deacon, it was nice of you to come, it almost sounded sarcastic. I don’t think she meant it that way though. It just came out really wrong.

Deacon is finally starting to love the music again. He’s been fighting the tour since Luke and Rayna got engaged. He’s finally building a solo career for himself and he’s not even letting himself enjoy it.

I knew Zoe was going to be fired, but it was worse for Gunnar who hasn’t told her that he has a son, with his first love. How will he explain this one. But I don’t really like that they wrote in a son for him. I just really don’t like the storyline. There’s just so much more they can do with his character.

And please tell me this storyline with Scarlett and the homeless man is going somewhere. Scarlett is a really sweet girl and it doesn’t surprise me she was trying to help the man, but what’s the point of the story?

I kind of would like Avery just to forgive and forget, but I realize he can’t. But Juliette is so far from perfect and I feel like if they are going to have this baby, they should try to repair their relationship. It does seem more realistic that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship though. We’ll just have to see if they can find their way back to each other.

‘Nashville returns Wednesday, November 12 and Luke doesn’t like the competition with Rayna. Check out the preview:


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