Bones Season 10 Episode 5

Bones-poster-season-10-FOX-2014This was a great case with a lot of good suspects. Even Hodgins was a suspect.

Each suspect they went through had a motive to kill the victim and possibly the means. But when they finally figured out who the killer was, he had no motive, or so it seemed. Apparently Hodgins was right, other people did hate the victim too.

This was a very scientific case. There was a lot of evidence there to stump the squints, but they couldn’t be fooled, because they always keep looking.

When the two scientists were fighting in the lab and got kicked out, that was the first time I thought one of them could have done it. Before that I just thought they saw a great opportunity to sample their products. I think the one guy thought that if his products were used in the investigation, it couldn’t have been traced back to him. But Brennan is just a little bit smarter. The guy did take his defeat gracefully, which was so weird.

I love it when Brennan compliments the suspects on their work. She’s always done that with fellow scientists, even if they are the murderer. I’m glad to see that Brennan shinning through again. These recent cases are a lot like the cases that made ‘Bones’ so good.

Check out the preview for next week. The case leads them to a frighting discovery:


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