Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullThe boys were trying to take a break, but got restless and jumped back in the game way to quick. Do they even know how to actually take a break? They’ve been hunting so long, it seems to be what they do for fun now.

They thought this case would be easy. A quick job, but it was anything but. They ran into Kate and thought she had started killing people, only to find out it was her sister doing the killing.

The case was probably a little bit too close to home for them. Two sisters, one evil and the good one trying to save the evil one. That sounds very familiar to me. Sam wanted to work with Kate and help her sister, but Dean just waned to kill them both. In the end Kate did what she had to do, but I don’t think Sam and Dean would have been able to be as strong as her. They’ve saved each other countless times and they never give up. They would rather die than see their brother die.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, like how to get rid of the Mark and how do they both move on from the things that they’ve done. But it was nice to get back to normal cases. Since the end of season nine things have been a bit crazy. The writers gave fans time to catch their breath this week and go back to what made the show great, a monster of the week.

‘Supernatural’ will return November 11 with the 200th episode special event, with singing:


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