‘Gotham’ is Finally Starting to Heat Up

gothamSpoiler Alert: Don’t continue if you haven’t see the latest episode of ‘Gotham’. Gordon was really stuck. He couldn’t come clean about not killing Oswald because he risked getting killed himself, but Montoya was on his trail to take him down. She was really convinced that Gordon was the horrible, dangerous man she believed him to be. Imagine her surprise when Oswald walks in. Not only was she wrong about Gordon, she’s now put his life in danger. He’s probably the only good person on GCPD.

Harvey was once a good boy scout cop too, but a case ten years ago changed all of that. By the looks of it he had much the same idea as Gordon, make Gotham a better place. But it looks like enthusiasm got his partner seriously hurt. Now Harvey plays by the rules, no heros in Gotham and he works with the criminals who run the city, well he corporates with them.

‘Gotham’ took a long time to really get going. It wasn’t until episode four till it really got started. Now the show is revving up. The cases are much more interesting and Batman like, plus now that Gordon’s secret is out, how much trouble is he going to be in? He pretended to play the game but lied, he was almost killed by Fish once before. Will she forgive him now? Will Falcone? If Gotham wasn’t a scary place before, things are about to get worse for Gordon.

Barbara will be happy that she was right about Gordon all along, but she might start to understand why Gordon has been hesitant to let her in. Gotham is a dangerous place, much worse than Barbara could ever imagine.

What did Selina take from Bruce? She really is a lot like the Catwoman she will one day be and Bruce is becoming the Bat. He didn’t run, when he probably should have, but maybe he was right, he had no one to be taken from. Either way the boy is way to young to be this brave.

Check out the preview for next week. Gordon will have to fight for his life, now that his secret his out:


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