Revenge Season 4 Episode 5

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyWe waited the entire episode for Emily to be reunited with her father. Charlotte took David to see Jack and his so called grandson and we waited for Jack to tell him the truth. Then David went to see Nolan and we still waited for the truth to surface. I guess both of them wanted Emily to be the one to tell him.

Now that David is back in his old house, it will be harder for Victoria to poison him. But he may have figured out he can’t trust Victoria. He certainly has come to a conclusion that his daughter was wronged. This is not what Emily wanted. She wanted him to heal so she could reveal herself to him.

Could the guy taking home Charlotte be the man that tried to kill David? He got really interested when she said she was Charlotte Clark and not a Grayson.

Ben must not know Jack at all if he thinks that Jack could kill Conrad. Jack just doesn’t have that in him. He is very happy that Conrad is dead, but he still doesn’t have the stomach to actually commit murder.

Louise might actually be crazy. Is she working with Daniel just to get to Victoria? Did she actually fall for him? She was way too upset after finding out Daniel has a girlfriend. This is something that is waiting to blow up in Daniel’s face.

I knew the writers would wait a while before reuniting Emily and David, but each week they make us think that Emily will be face to face with her father again. Then each week Victoria gets in the way of that. This time though it wasn’t just Victoria that got in the way. Emily took a step back and started seeing the picture a little more clearly and saw how fragile David is at the moment. But wouldn’t finding out his daughter is alive help all of that?

Check out the preview for next week. David punches Nolan and goes live on TV to shock the world:


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