Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 6

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSThis was a very powerful episode. Elizabeth has proven herself to be bold before, but never as bold as she did this week.

In the previews it showed that she went off script in her speech and chaos ensued, but we didn’t know why she went off script. She took a stand and it almost ruined her career. But the greater the risk, the greater the reward and she saved a lot of people by just changing her speech.

I’m not surprised that Nadine is loyal. I just had a feeling that she was, but that makes me sad for Nadine, not truly knowing the man she was having an affair with. What will Elizabeth find when she investigates Marsh? Will it be what she fears?

Blake is a very loyal employee, but he would make a horrible spy. He’s just too sweet. But at the same time it was so funny to watch him unfazed by Elizabeth going off script. He said just for the record I didn’t know that was going to happen. He seems to know Elizabeth better than the rest of them do, or appreciates her more. The others were all freaking out. I think you should be happy your boss is standing up for what’s right. Besides the speech that was written for her was horrible. It was so boring and not in tone for who she really is.

Each week things are getting more and more exciting and next week one of Elizabeth’s daughters will be missing. Check out the preview:


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