Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nCallie and Arizona are one of the beloved couples on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, so this was a hard and good episode to watch.

I said that the writers need to give these two a break, but in a way they did. Callie has set herself free and is laughing and enjoying life again. Arizona is the one that’s left out in the cold. It was a big switch from the beginning of the episode when Arizona wanted a break and Callie wanted to keep working on the relationship.

I think they both learned a lot during the 30 day break, and it wasn’t what they expected. Arizona wants it all. She wants to keep in touch with her old patients while taking on this new fellowship, but she can’t do it all. Especially in such a specialized field. She did say her career was important to her and without Callie and her drowning marriage, she can put more focus on the fellowship.

Callie opened up to Meredith and had so much fun, but maybe if they weren’t in the same place, it wouldn’t have been as fun. But Callie has realized what she wants, she wants to love herself. She was so wrapped up in the relationship she couldn’t breathe. She was holding on so tight she created an argument with Arizona that wasn’t there, but maybe it was. By setting herself free she could breathe again and be herself again.

The last few episodes the writers have focused in only a few characters. ‘Private Practice’ did something very similar in the finale season. They focused in on one character per episode and in someways I liked it and in others I hated it. I lived the closeness we got with that character, but I missed the other characters as well. There are so many characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and a lot of different story lines going on at the moment. Is this going to be the trend for season 11 or will it be different from week to week. I think I like the way ‘Grey’s’ is doing it better. There’s more characters that seem to be involved from week to week, but that might be from working in a hospital, there has to be more involvement.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returns in two weeks. Check out the preview. April is having to play nice with her mother, while Derek wants Meredith to play nice with her sister:


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