Nashville Season 3 Episode 5

Nashville-Poster1When Juliette took the stage at the end, I had this bad feeling that something bad was going to happen. I had no idea what, but it was just a feeling. I didn’t expect her to stop breathing and pass out. Is the baby ok? Is she doing too much and putting too much stress on herself?

I know Zoe wanted to step in and help out, but I don’t think taking over was the best of ideas. I feel like Juliette is going to fire her. Which is a shame, because she just got her big break.

When Gunnar’s first love came to town I knew there must be a reason. I wasn’t expecting him to have a child. Is it just me or are there a lot of kids popping up out of nowhere. Deacon found out he had Maddie, then Juliette got pregnant and now Gunnar has a kid. How is Zoe going to react when she finds out?

I really don’t like that Teddy and Rayna are fighting. This will make it easier for Teddy to say yes when Jeff tries to sign their girls. If Teddy think Rayan’s mad when she’s missing out on things, imagine how mad she’ll be if he lets them get record deals.

I know Avery has been really harsh on Juliette and given her no chance to tell him, but he deserved better than a text. What will Avery do? For one he needs to clean himself up. He’s been a horrible drunk lately and in no state to be a father.

It’s heartbreaking watching Will hurt himself the way that he is. It mustn’t be easy to admit who you are, but that can’t be as bad as lying to yourself. At least Deacon has found out now. He might be a good ally to have. He’ll need someone to lean on while on the road, and I think Deacon is a good person for that.

Check out the preview for next week. Avery steps up, but he might be too late:


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