Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullI’m actually a bit disappointed that Dean has been cured already. I was enjoying him as a demon. He was such a fun character. I’m sure Jensen Ackles has some fun playing a demon for a bit too.

I wonder how the brothers will be now. Dean is feeling pretty guilty for trying to kill his brother, but I really don’t think Sam will hold it against him. Dean was a demon after all. If he’s feeling that guilty about trying to kill Sam, how does he feel about killing that man, especially since he was going straight to hell.

I remember before the season started, I read something about the lengths that Sam would go to save Dean. To be honest nothing we had seen up to this point was too extreme, but the writers waited till this episode to tell us. Sam never meant for the poor guy to sell his soul so he could find Crowley and Dean, but he chose such a vulnerable man to use. That will definitely weigh on Sam for a while.

I never would have guessed that Crowley would have been the one so save Cass, or at least temporally. This grace will also fade away. This should be interesting when we find out what Crowley wants in return.

Is Abaddon back? Or is it someone else? I hope it’s a new evil. They’ve killed Abaddon, so I would like to be done with her. Sam and Dean have faced so many enemies, I’m looking forward to finding out who this new one is, assuming she is a new one.

Check out the preview for next week. The boys are back to cases:


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