Revenge Season 4 Episode 4

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyAfter all this time Emily finally gets to see her father again, but she’s out in the cold. Who knows if he actually knew who she was when he saw her and Victoria is keeping a tight grip on him. She can’t get close enough to reunite with him. Victoria said she had something worse planned for her and either this was the plan or she got really lucky.

Victoria didn’t get anything less than what she deserved. She locked Emily up in a mental hospital and brainwashed her into believing her father committed terrorism. She scarred Emily for life. So why does she think she didn’t deserve those things? Victoria did them. Charlotte and Daniel didn’t deserve being collateral damage in her revenge though. But if Victoria really loves David, wouldn’t she be the saving grace if she reunited David with Emily? Instead of tearing them apart.

Emily isn’t the only one that is touched by David’s return. Nolan and Jack are going through their own set of emotions. Jack may have only knew the man as a boy, but with the way he feels about Emily, this is hitting him hard. David was the one who made Nolan the business man he is today and the reason Nolan has been trying to protect Emily all of these years.

It wasn’t the reunion any of them wanted or deserved. Victoria got her claws into David before anyone else could get to him. But David is not the sweet man that Emily believed him to be. He may have been back then, but too much has happened to be that same doting father.

How will Emily get to him so she can have the reunion she’s always dreamed of?

Check out the preview for next week. Will Emily finally get to be reunited with her father?


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