Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSI’m not sure why everyone loved Elizabeth’s predecessor. The secretary of state’s job is to diplomatically deal with other countries, but all he seemed to want to do was go to war and become president. He didn’t really care about the position. While Elizabeth works really hard to settle things through talks instead of war.

Other than the memorial that painted the man as a great man, we haven’t really gotten any idea of who the former secretary of state was. Now we are learning a lot about him and the writers are doing it in a very interesting way. He didn’t believe in doing things the right way, he believed on getting things done the quick and easy way. He falsified a document to get a pipeline approved and appointed a man for peace talks that prefers military actions. All of this is painting a picture of the man.

We are left with quite an interesting cliff hanger. Elizabeth wants to investigate Nadine. She’s knows she was having an affair with the former secretary of state, Marsh. How much does she know about the man’s inside dealings and his suspicious death? And what is the reason Elizabeth wants to investigate her? This conspiracy is getting really interesting.

Henry is increasingly getting to be a more interesting character too. I thought he was going to get in a bar fight, which was surprising in the least, but instead he was taking the officer outside to have a word with him and get him to sober up. It was very manly while also sticking up for his wife. And the more and more he talked about his military history, the more we got to know this very layered character.

This show just keeps getting better every week and it keeps getting more exciting. Elizabeth is such a great, strong character. You know that she will get the job done, it might not be easy, but she’ll get it done. And she’ll keep her dignity intact while she does it.

Check out the preview for next week. Elizabeth has her first big speech, and it doesn’t go to plan:

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