The Vampire Dairies Season 6 Episode 3

the-vampire-diaries-season-6Why didn’t anyone think about Elena not being the same person after she forgot all about her love for Damon? Loving someone makes us who we are. The ups and downs of that relationship makes us who we are and Alaric just got rid of a part of Elena. And it seems only Caroline is upset with the changes or even noticed them. I’m sure Bonnie would have noticed her change.

How does Elena feel about Stefan now? Her last love before Damon was Stefan and now that Damon is erased from her heart, where does that leave Stefan? And how does she think they broke up? This definitely makes things complicated with Caroline finally admitting her feelings for Stefan.

How long will it be before Damon and Bonnie are back with the living? I’ve had hope since the beginning, seeing as if they were really gone, we wouldn’t be seeing them in this other place. Well if I think things are complicated enough with Caroline confessing her feelings for Stefan, how will things be when Damon tries to kiss Elena on his return?

It’s about time that Jeremy is coming back down to earth. When Matt freaked out that he was hooking up with the girl Elena bit, Jeremy thought nothing of it. But now that he realizes that compulsion is erased when you step into Mystic Falls, he’s finally back in reality. It doesn’t help that there’s a founding family member hunting vampires and training other residents to hunt.

When Bonnie and Damon finally get back, they are not going to like how they find their significant others. Jeremy sleeping with anything and everything and Elena just erasing Damon from her heart. This has hurt Jeremy and Elena more than anything and to be fair, they’ve dealt with too much pain, but Bonnie and Damon deserve better.

Who is this Kai person and why has be been stalking Damon and Bonnie? He got Bonnie to use her magic, but why is it that he knows how to get them out of this alternate universe? And does this all have to do with Grams?

Check out the preview for next week. It looks like Stefan and Elena are getting back together:


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