Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 4

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nAfter 10 seasons we know very little about Ellis and Richard’s relationship. We know the basics. We know they loved each other, they were having an affair and talked about leaving their spouses, but there was so much more to it than that.

The person Ellis was to Meredith was the outcome of Richard breaking her heart. She loved someone with all her heart and then it was crushed. Ellis never wanted Meredith to get hurt the way that she did, so she lashed out at her in the wrong way when Meredith told her about Derek.

I get the reason why Richard ended the affair. He could never shine for his own accomplishments standing next to Ellis, or at least he never felt like he could. I think Meredith is feeling a little like that now. She’s married to a great surgeon, but she wants her own accomplishments, but it’s hard to shine when you standing next to Derek Shepard. Something Emilia knows all about. She’s tired of being the little Dr. Shepard.

When we first got introduced to Maggie, I thought not another sister. But really it makes sense. It makes sense that a child came from the epic Ellis and Richard romance. They really were epic and we never really knew why it ended. I think we always assumed that Richard wouldn’t leave Adele. I think it was a pretty good answer to that question, but it was never the whole truth.

While I was very disappointed that Alex didn’t get the board seat, he got an even bigger compliment. Arizona wants him to be her. She has a new fellowship and she’s determined to keep her marriage going and she just can’t do it all. Alex is now there to step in for her. I had a feeling they would give him a job. There didn’t seem like there was any plan of writing him off just yet. We just lost Cristina, we can’t lost Alex too.

Check out the preview for next week. Arizona and Callie’s marriage is not doing well:


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