Bones Season 10 Episode 4

Bones-poster-season-10-FOX-2014There was a formula that made ‘Bones’ a great show. Thursday night ‘Bones’ found that great formula again and brought back the show I fell in love with.

While I have been enjoying the way the writers have made the new chemistry of the show work, it was great to go back to the style that made ‘Bones’ the show that it is, but then there was a mixture of what the show has become. It’s great to watch Brennan and Booth disagree on something and this time it was their daughter’s school. It’s also nice for their disagreements to come out during investigations. I love when Brennan tries to get an opinion from someone else.

It’s nice for the experiments to come back. That’s another great thing the show had. I know we have the Angelatron, but it was always great watching Hodgins and Zack doing this crazy experiments that had something to do with the case. This time though, the ladies were involved. Cam and Angela have always made fun of the guys for their silly experiments, but they seemed to have a lot of fun joining in. Maybe they always wanted to be asked to help. Either way a great way to join the old formula and the new chemistry together.

Last week I was thinking Michaela needs to have more of a role again. I’ve always loved her as Angela. She’s a great influence in Brennan’s life. She’s always been a great character. This week she had more of role, still not as big as I would like, but it’s a start.

As for Aubrey, he fits right in. He’s a total nerd and very funny. He may not be Sweets, but he’s a great addition to the cast.

‘Bones’ will return in two week. They’ll be the stars at a Forensic convention and Hodgins will be a suspect in a murder:


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