Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullEvery so often we get some backstory. There was their mother’s family and their father’s family. Now we see that Dean killed someone’s father. What was his father? That was way before they killed evil humans, like the Benders. So what was that person for Dean to have killed him? It’s such an odd flashback, one that I really want to know more about. Whatever really happened that night, it’s sparked another hunter. Will this guy be appearing some more?

Sam has finally got his brother back, but it doesn’t seem like it will be easy to save him. Not that I want Dean to be saved anytime soon. I’m actually enjoying demon Dean. He’s such an interesting character. He still has some of Dean in him, not the humanity part though. His bad vices have been heightened, like girls and booze. And to be fair he’s always liked fighting and killing, well killing monsters. So Dean is still in there, it’s just his soul is gone and he doesn’t care about anything. Not even his beloved car.

I don’t know if we have ever seen Sam so beaten up. His soul has been crushed, his arm broken and his face battered. How is he still getting up in the morning? When you look at him he looks so beaten down. There doesn’t look like there is any drive left in him, but still he continues his hunt for Dean. And now begins the saving part.

Crowley actually looked really upset to lose his best bud. He seems more human than Dean is, especially with giving Dean to Sam. Granted it was his in his best interest, but he could have just killed him.

Hannah still wants Cass to lead them, but he still insists he’s not a leader. I think I agree with him, but he’s not a follower either. He’s more like Sam and Dean, he’s better has a lone operative or as a team with them. But regardless of what he is, he’s still dying. What is he going to do?

Check out the episode for next week. Can Sam take on Dean in his weakened state?


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