‘Gotham’ Upped its Game this Week

gothamThis is the episode I’ve been waiting for. ‘Gotham’ looked like it was going to be such a great show, but this first few episodes haven’t lived up to the hype. And has left me very disappointed.

The opening two scenes of this episode were stunning. Oswald announced his return to Gotham to Gordon and a new killer also announced himself. It was the ‘Gotham’ I had been waiting for and it was about time it was here.

The thing that has kept me going, despite lack luster episodes, is Ben McKenzie’s portrayal of Gordon. But in this episode Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald) really got my attention. The rise of the Penguin is happening and Gordon has a lot to do with the future villain. Sadly, Gordon should have killed him, but lucky for us he chose the moral high ground.

It looks like Gotham is going to get a lost worse before it gets better. Gordon has a very hard battle in front of him. He’s going to have to sacrifice a lot to save the city and in this episode he makes his first sacrifice. He’s got so many secrets and his girlfriend can’t be let in. She has no idea what he’s in the middle of.

I’m so happy that ‘Gotham’ has upped its game and is finally on the right path.

Check out the preview for next week:


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