‘Madam Secretary’ is Officially added to My List of Shows

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSNow that we know the characters, we are starting to get a sense of the over arching conspiracy. But the former secretary of state is painted in two very different ways in this episode. One has a good man who gave soccer balls to children and told the reporters not to run the story and the other, has a man about to announce is candidacy for president and was waiting to release the heartwarming story after the announcement.

This part of the story is only a small part at this point, but it certainly makes you worry about Elizabeth. She’s taken his position, has she also gained his enemies too?

There’s no fighting in this show, though there has been suspicious deaths, but the writers can still keep us on the edge of our seats, even with only diplomatic discussions. ‘Madam Secretary’ is a very intelligent show and Tea Leoni is amazing as Elizabeth. She’s on screen for most of the episode and she just captivates the screen. The producers did a great job in casting her. She has such great chemistry with her staff.

Not only is this a great show, but it’s great having a strong female lead. I’ve said it before, there are just not enough strong female characters, for girls to look up to and for actresses to want to invest their time in. This is a show that needs to stay on the air and thrive. It’s important for girls to look up to and for females in the industry.

Check out the preview for next week, things are about to get even more intense:


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