Bones Season 10 Episode 3

Bones-poster-season-10-FOX-2014Now that Booth’s name has been cleared, the head of the secret organization arrested and Sweets put to rest, we are back to normal cases. But Agent Aubrey really brought something new out in this case.

Considering this show is all about solving murders through the remains, it was interesting to see Aubrey on the verge of vomiting when he visited the crime scene. Most of the other characters aren’t squeamish when it comes to remains. Angela is the only one who doesn’t like some of the remains, but her stomach seems to be stronger than Aubrey’s, or she just got use to it.

He reminds me a lot of Sweets. He’s young and very smart. He may not know things off the top of his head like Sweets did, but he does his research and can report back with valuable information. He’s a good addition to the team and considering the show will probably end in the next few years, it’s kind of nice to think about Booth passing down his wisdom to a younger agent.

Sweets certainly still lives on. He would be so happy to know that Brennan is using psychology to help Booth. She doesn’t believe in it, but she doesn’t believe in religion either, and she wants to Booth to find his faith again. His faith in religion and in the bureau.

Check out the preview for next week. The geeks are coming out to solve this case:


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