Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nI had no idea who the board would pick, but I really hoped they would pick Alex. I thought Alex deserved the spot. I wanted Alex to get the spot. Cristina gave him the spot. I’m so not happy with the board’s decision. What is Alex going to do now? He has no job and no career. Could Alex possibly take over Arizona’s position, since she’s starting a fellowship.

Now I understand why Meredith was so unhappy when Derek turned down the job. Derek can’t really blame anyone for his decision and he really shouldn’t be taking it out on his sister who is a great surgeon. I just had no idea how angry he was about giving up his dream job. He’s so angry that he wouldn’t let Meredith tell him that she found out she had another sister. That piece of information is worthy of a personal day.

I really feel for Richard. He finds out he has a daughter and he’s already lost 30 years of her life. I don’t blame Richard for not telling her right away. I mean he had to digest that the love of his life had given up their child and that wouldn’t have been easy to do. I am not surprised that she reacted that way though. This is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, it was never going to be a nice family reunion.

I think the writers like putting obstacles in Callie’s and Arizona’s way. Of course Arizona would question if now is the right time for another baby when they are both taking on more and more work. I think it’s Callie that keeps waiting for something to stop them having a baby and is putting it on Arizona. As much as I love the drama of ‘Grey’s’, give these two a break. They’ve been to hell and back again. I’m ready for happy Callie and Arizona.

I’m really enjoying Jo being jealous of Meredith and Alex. She’s flipping out over nothing, but it’s so funny. And the Meredith and Alex scenes are great. I’m liking Alex as her new person. The writers better keep these scenes coming.

Check out the preview for next week. Can Meredith and Derek’s marriage survive?


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