Nashville Season 3 Episode 3

Nashville-Poster1‘Nashville’ has really become less about the music and more about the lives of the musicians. But out of life comes music.

Scarlett went out to have some fun so she could write a fun song, but you know what, fun songs fade. The ones that stay are the ones that mean something and her cousin inspired a song that young girls really do need to hear. On a bonus side, I’m glad Maddie and Scarlett are bonding.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Gunnar. Is the loss of his brother still hanging over him? But then again he wasn’t really good at opening up to Scarlett either and that’s what led to the end of their relationship.

What is Juliette going to do? At least she’s finally told someone instead of dealing with it on her own, but will she tell Avery? For a moment last week I thought she would really get rid of the baby, but I guess the idea of writing the pregnancy was because she’s pregnant in real life. Though I have heard of hiding pregnancies during filming. But I think it’s safe to say Juliette’s keeping the baby.

I don’t really like the way Rayna is going. She’s making her relationship part of the business. Now while I like her idea of not being apart from the man she loves, this is a slippery slope she’s walking down. And does Deacon really have to lose out on a tour because of it? Not that he wanted to tour with Luke, but it is important to his career.

I feel like Will is going down a very destructive path. He’s doing everything to hide who he really is, but is it really worth it? In the end his secret will probably come out. There are more and more untrustworthy people that are learning the truth. Anyone of them could out him at any time.

Check out the preview for next week:


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