Supernatural Season 10 Premiere

supernatural-season-10-poster-fullHere we are at season 10. I remember watching the series premiere and I was hooked on this show, but I could never have imagined where the show would go. Sam and Dean have died countless time, but this time, is Dean dead?

We assumed he was a demon when he had the black eyes, but Crowley claims that he nursed him back to life and the only way to keep him from becoming a demon, is to keep killing and to be fair it looks like the only things Dean’s killed so far are demons. Can he truly be evil if he hasn’t killed any humans?

Putting aside the question of what Dean is, he’s definitely¬†different. He’s a little like Sam when he didn’t have a soul, but instead of being driven by hunting monsters, Dean is driven by booze, sex and the occasional fight.

I believe Dean can be saved. He hasn’t truly gone over to the dark side, even if he is leaving his brother to die. Remember Sam let Dean turn into a vampire and Sam was saved.

I love that Crowley will be around more this season, well he’s a season regular now so I can only assume he will. And I love when Dean and Crowley work together, though Crowley has different kind of corporation in mind for this season. It looks like season 10 will be nothing we’ve seen before and it’s amazing after nine seasons to keep having fresh stories. My question is, will there be any regular cases? I love the epic story lines, but the run of the mill cases are also great. They are what ‘Supernatural’ was built on.

Check out the preview for next week. It’s brother against brother:


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