The Originals Season 2 Premiere

tumblr_nc2hg0enW31rjjkjjo1_500Klaus never seems to stay weak for long and if he had it his way, he would have attacked a lot sooner. But of course the thought of the one thing that can kill him being missing, was stopping him from acting.

When Hayley first appeared on ‘The Vampire Dairies’ I didn’t like her, but I was intrigued by her character because I had seen her on ‘The Secret Circle’, but she was plotting against Tyler. As I’ve said before, I grew to like Hayley when she moved to ‘The Originals’ and I’ve really liked her budding relationship with Elijah. This season Hayley is different yet again. She’s now a hybrid and she doesn’t know how to handle that. Your emotions are heightened and her’s are in a bad shape to begin with. I don’t think Elijah is looking at Hayley differently for the reasons she believes. I think his heart breaks watching her be in so much pain. But either way things are different and it looks like our hopes of seeing these two get together will have to wait.

If Klaus thought the werewolves were a dangerous enemy, he has no ideas what’s to come. For the most part he’s always known who is enemies are, but with this twist it leaves us in suspense to wonder when his family will show themselves to him. And I’m wondering if Esther senses that her husband is back too. I am a little disappointed that the only one of the original actors that played the originals is back. I would have liked Nathaniel Buzolic to reprise his role of Kol, but Daniel Sharman is pretty cute. He’ll just have to prove he can play Kol just as well.

Season one started the show out very well, but season two is where ‘The Originals’ will make it’s mark. ‘TVD’ will probably be ending soon, either after this season or the next. This is when the series needs to really grab and keep viewers. If you watched ‘TVD’, you’ve seen Esther and Michael try to defeat Klaus before. So this isn’t really a new storyline per say. Can this keep viewers coming back? Next week their will be a family reunion and we’ll see if it can. Check out the preview:


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