Revenge Season 4 Episode 2

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyI never expected Emily telling Charlotte who she really was would go over well. I mean Emily did destroy their family. Not that Conrad and Victoria didn’t deserve it, but Charlotte and Daniel didn’t. I also didn’t expect Charlotte to try and kill Emily. And I say “try”, because without Emily there would be no show. It was like when we thought the writers killed off Victoria, it just can’t happen. Though Conrad dying was a big shock, since he was one of the main players.

I was wondering if David knew that Emily was his daughter, and now I know that he thinks his daughter died.

David is not the man he use to be. How could he be? But now Victoria is manipulating him to seek revenge against his own daughter. This just proves how broken Victoria has become. David obviously doesn’t know that it was Victoria that put his daughter into a mental hospital and was brainwashed into thinking he did those horrible things. So now Victoria will take David down with her. How could he ever forgive himself for hurting his own daughter?

I like that the writers are keeping Jack and Nolan so wholesome, not that either one of them are completely innocent. Nolan had the chance to partner with Gideon, but once he saw the man Gideon was, he back out. Jack is tired of not being able to stop the rich (mainly the Graysons) from getting away with everything they do, so he became a police officer. They are both the little angels on Emily’s shoulders tying to get her to live a normal life again. Aiden was never that angel. He was the one helping her complete the mission. Jack and Nolan may have done bad things, but they still have their souls intact. They’ve saved Emily time and time again, how will they this time?

We’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats to see how Emily gets out of this one. Check out the preview for next week:


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