‘Madam Secretary’: Finally the Woman is in Front

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSWhen Henry says to Elizabeth that he will be “the man beside the woman’, all I can think is, it’s about time. It’s always the woman beside the man. I think with that little phrase, I am hooked on this show.

I wanted to watch the show because of the storyline revolving around a woman in power, because as we all know, there are not a lot of scripts for actresses of this nature. There really needs to be more. Now don’t get me wrong, I love ‘Supernatural’. There’s hardly been any female stars on this CW show, and I really liked it, but I still want their to be more shows and movies that center around the woman.

I have really high hopes for this new series after this episode. There can be a lot of character development and a lot of depth to the characters, particularly Elizabeth. It’s clear that she’s going to deal with a lot of tough issues and she is going to have to question her beliefs to get things done. It will also weigh on her family life, but we’ve seen that happen to men all the time. Elizabeth is dealing with life and death, of course it’s going to carry over into her home life. I’m not sure how she will find balance in her job. She’s also very smart and very determined. And this is a great show.

I’m looking forward to where the writers take the show from here. We know who Elizabeth is and we know her family, now we can really begin. Check out the preivew for next week:


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