The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere

the-vampire-diaries-season-6Stefan once asked Rebekah to take away all memory of Elena. I think he would say he was glad she didn’t now, but back then he was in a lot of pain. Just like Elena is now. But what’s worse is she’s been in denial for months and now she has to somehow figure out how to move on and she just gave up. I think in a way they’ve all given up.

Stefan ran away to find a witch to bring Damon and Bonnie back and gave up and is pretending to be human. Jeremy is getting drunk every day, playing video games and hooking up with random girls. Tyler is fighting with everything he has to fight his rage and not trigger the werewolf cure again. Caroline thinks she’s moving on by trying to find a spell to get them back home, but she’s avoiding moving on. No one can deal with the loss.

Caroline was right when she said to Stefan on his voice mail, they can’t do it alone.

While everyone is falling apart, Damon an Bonnie are in heaven? I’m not sure where they are, but it does bring me hope that they are not killed off the show. But who will find a way to bring them back?

This episode was mainly sad and feeling hopeless, but seeing Alaric back made me smile. I’ve missed his character these past two seasons. It’s so nice to have him back. It will take some getting use to Alaric the vampire though. And it will also take some getting use to Tyler has a human again. Though if Tyler lets his rage get the best of him, he won’t be a human for long.

Check out the preview for next week:


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