Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2

10649784_10154699956245647_1131909485054450708_nI never thought I could like a character, then not like a character, then like her again all in a span of one episode. Maggie is very, very smart. She’s not so socially smart, but neither are most of the doctors on this show. I don’t think anyone wanted her to be as good as Cristina or even better. Maybe better might be stretching it, but she’s really good.

I wasn’t expecting Maggie to tell Meredith who shed was. At least not yet and if she had done it sometime else in the episode, I may have been on Meredith’s side, but I feel bad for Maggie.

Don’t get me wrong I’m feeling for Meredith too and if the writers had made it be a nice introduction,  I wouldn’t have liked that because it wouldn’t have been real. If someone comes up to you and tells you they are you sister, your first reaction will be that they are lying. I don’t think it helps that Maggie is further along in her career. Considering this girl has both Ellis Grey and Richard Webber’s genes, it’s not a surprise she’s so smart.

How long will it take Meredith to figure out that Webber is Maggie’s father? How long till Maggie hears that Webber and her mother were an item? She has walked into a very personal hospital and she doesn’t know. It was too funny when she asked if everyone was related.

It is really nice to have Amelia back. I hope the writers have a good storyline in store for her. She’s such a great character.

Check out the preview for next week. Meredith is determined to prove that Maggie is lying:


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