Nashville Season 3 Episode 2

Nashville-Poster1I really thought the writers would make us wait a while before telling us who the father was of Juliette’s baby was, but I’m happy they told us so soon. This will definitely change things for Juliette’s storyline. She won’t be doing the movie anymore and she’s going to have to work things out with Avery. It’s just too bad that Avery is in such a bad place at the moment. I’m not sure how he will take this news. He probably won’t even believe it’s his.

I’m not sure how I feel about Rayna playing the game. Interviews and appearances is one thing, but talking about her and Luke is another. If this is the way her character is going, then it’s good that she chose Luke. He’s perfect to play the game with. Deacon is not the play the game kind of guy.

It’s breaking my heart watching Maddie being torn apart about her mom choosing Luke and both of her parents going on tour, but the writers and the actress are doing such a beautiful job. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be in Maddie’s position. I don’t think she should give up hope just yet though. Luke and Rayna have not walked down the isle just yet and the media can tear couples apart very easily, so there’s still hope for Deacon and Rayna. Plus the writers will make a whole lot of fans mad if they take away all hope.

Scarlett clearly still has feelings for Gunnar and he still has feelings for her, but I don’t think he even realizes it. He’s totally in love with Zoey and genuinely wants her to move in with him. I don’t know why, but writers seem to love the love triangle storyline so much. There’s two in this show, but the Gunnar, Zoey and Scarlett one is a lot less clear than the Rayna, Luke and Deacon one. I still think I like Scarlett and Gunnar as a couple better.

Check out the preview for next week. Deacon isn’t giving up:


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