Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 2

Chicago-PDWhat I really love about this show isn’t the action, it’s the characters. Don’t get me wrong, the action is nice, but if I wasn’t so invested in the characters, the action wouldn’t have me on the edge of my seat.

Last season we got a glimpse at what Erin’s life use to be like, this season we are getting more and getting deep. When your mom overdoses and you have to save her at 9 years old, that memory is never going away. While I commend her mom for trying, Erin will never forget. Erin is such a multi-layered character. And I’ve enjoyed getting to know her so far.

I also have enjoyed getting to know Jay. I would like to say I would be a lot more freaked out about a bounty being over my head than he is being, but would you be able to comprehend that? He followed everything he was told, not going the same route twice, but he went to the same bar twice. He slipped up and if Erin was there, he would probably be dead and a girl might be dead because of him. At first I couldn’t understand why he was so calm about it all. But now I know, until his apartment was broken into, he wasn’t really taking it seriously. I don’t think he thought anyone was really after him. Since before then, no one had come after him.

Another great character on this show is Voight. It was great to see his vulnerable side. You really get to see a character when they are vulnerable.

I would like to see the aftermath of Antonio’s family leaving him now. How is he taking it? Has he heard from them? We’ve got nothing so far. Granted it’s only episode two, but I would like to know.

Check out the preview for next week. Jay may be getting in over his head:


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