‘Gotham’: A Dark Place with a lot of Potential

gothamHow many good people are in Gotham? A hand full? Or are there many, but they are just too afraid to stand up for what is right? It just doesn’t seem like there are that many good people left. Gordon is fighting a losing battle. Every time he fights for what’s right, there is a skewed version of what’s right. I’m not sure if Gotham was a scarier place before Batman or after.

I was a fan of the films and it seems like the Gotham with Batman is a lot better, even with all of the villains. The Gotham in the new series has no soul. Criminals are plotting to be the number one and even the so called good guys have lost sight of what the right thing is. Why do people even stay in Gotham?

Now that we have been introduced to the city, the show seems a little like a crime fighting show, but very, very dark.

The penguin was taught how to be brutal by Fish and he’s got nothing but ridicule. Now he’s learning to be his own man. And the man he is becoming is very scary. He didn’t plan his route to the villain he will be, he’s making it up as he goes along.

This may be a prequel to a superhero genre, but it’s nothing like a superhero show. There is no masked man coming to save everyone, not yet that is. Bruce is becoming the man he needs to be to protect his city. But I never imagined that Gordon would have something to do with the man he becomes. I guess it makes sense though. Who else does he have to look up to? Who else is trying to do anything to save the city?

Gordon has an extreme up hill battle, but the new show has a lot of potential.

Next week Gordon continues his fight:


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