The Originals Season 1 Refresh

tumblr_nc2hg0enW31rjjkjjo1_500In the first season of ‘The Originals’ Klaus found out he was going to be a dad. Hayley and Klaus had one fun night and now they were going to be parents to very powerful baby. A baby that a lot people wanted dead. Hayley, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah spent the season trying to protected the child before she was even born. Hayley died giving birth to her daughter and came back has a hybrid and continued to protect her child. But when it came clear that New Orleans was no place for their daughter, Klaus and Hayley decided to fake their daughters death and send her away to the only person they knew could keep her safe, Rebekah.

Marcel helped out with the plan. He made the werewolves think that Klaus believed they killed his baby. He agreed to erase the knowledge of the child being alive from his memory to keep her safe. He protected Hayley as well. He’s the one who adopted her to keep her from harms way.

While Marcel was gathering his army against Klaus, Cami discovered that the Correa family wasn’t who they said they were. They were the ancient Gurrera werewolf pack. And they had their own plan to gain control of the Quarter. Klaus made this even easier for them when he went to them for help getting the stones for his plan. Chaos ensued when the Gurrera clan activated their curse and started biting the vampires. There was a catch that Klaus wasn’t aware of when he got Genevieve to do the spell. She needed a werewolves that didn’t’ turn on a full moon because the spell took his power from that werewolf. Klaus became weak, while the other wolves were able to be powerful, but not turn. This is probably the only thing that saved Marcel. They were in a fight to the death as the spell started to work.

While all this is going on, Davina Michael back to kill Klaus, but she’s in control. She’s only going to set him loose when she is ready. But Michael wasn’t the only one to come back. Esther and Finn also came back.

The Originals returns Monday, October 6 8|9c. Hayley is dealing with transition into a hybrid and everyone else wants a piece of New Orleans:


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