Revenge Season 4 Premiere

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyWhen ‘Revenge’ first premiered, I was addicted to this new show, but I was wondering how far they could take a show about revenge. It seemed almost better for a mini series or short lived show. I mean how long could Emily take to get her revenge and what would happen after? Would that be the end of the show?

Sunday night’s premiere proved that after Emily’s success there is still more to the show, but it’s a very different series now. Victoria is now seeking revenge and it looks like Daniel and Margaux are seeking revenge too. Then Jack and Emily are trying to clean up the messes Emily made and move on. And Nolan is being the best friend like always, trying to look out for Emily.

Emily doesn’t know how to move on. She’s been playing Emily Thorn for so long she doesn’t know anything else. But why stay in the Hamptons and why buy the Grayson Manor? Charlotte may be a good enough answer to the first question, but not the second.

I’m really curious how the writers are going write David’s character. He’s back from the dead and he’s seeking his own revenge. But why now? Is he even going to go see his daughter? Does he know that Emily is his daughter? I think a lot of fans were hoping to see their interaction in the first episode, me included. But I did kind of think this wouldn’t be in the premiere. This is a very anticipated moment, the writers will want to make us wait. We had to wait till the end of the episode for Emily and Victoria’s first face-to-face encounter. Which was amazing.

Emily just wanted Conrad and Victoria to pay for what they did to her father and then what Victoria did to Aiden. Victoria is much more vindictive than that and to be fair, I would say they are almost even now. If anything Victoria got off easy. It wasn’t Emily’s fault for Pascal dying, Victoria should have never killed Aiden. But they have both been in mental hospitals now. I’m very interested to see what Victoria’s first move will be.

Check out the preview for next week. Charlotte will learn the truth and David will come face-to-face with the woman who betrayed him all those years ago:


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