‘Madam Secretary’ is just getting started

RA_MADAMSEC_NEWSWhat attracted me to this show was there was going to be a woman in a position of power. There aren’t that many roles out there for actresses to take that they can be the one in power. On TV there seems to be a lot more than film though. But not everyone likes the idea of a woman in power and Elizabeth McCord is having a hard time doing her job. Not because she’s not good at it, but because the people around her are making it hard. I don’t know whether it’s because she’s a woman or because they just don’t like her. Her ideas are shot down left and right and when she does succeed, she’s considered lucky.

I’m enjoying how the writers are taking us into this story. There’s this big conspiracy hanging over their heads and they are just weaving it in and out of the episode. Right now it’s getting to know the Elizabeth’s family and the players. It’s hard to tell who is in on the conspiracy and who isn’t. But we don’t have much details on the conspiracy yet.  While we are learning about it, everyday life continues to go on. Elizabeth does her job and it’s a really stressful job. Then she has three kids as well. It’s great that this series is showing that women really can have it all.

I like the character development of Elizabeth’s family, but the rest of the cast is a little weak. You can tell that they will play a role, but we can’t figure out who they are yet. Or maybe that is the plan, but I would really like to get a reading on these characters.

Check out the preview for next week. Elizabeth is facing a really big challenge in her new job:


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